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DynaMed Plus November - Includes: PCI with drug-eluting stents in addition to optimized medical therapy might not increase exercise capacity at 6 weeks in adults with stable symptomatic single-vessel stenosis, and its effects on angina are unclear 


Medical Journal of Australia (MJA) November
Includes: Spontaneous pneumomediastinum : Spirometry: key to the diagnosis of respiratory disorders: COPD-X Australian and New Zealand guidelines for the diagnosis and management of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: 2017 update : Occupational lung diseases in Australia : Mesothelioma in Australia: a review


MIMS Update November


MIMS Matters Spring


Therapeutic Guidelines (onsite): 
The November 2017 release of eTG complete includes a comprehensive revision of the Neurology topics. New tables cover key types of headache, how to convert an antiparkinson drug dose from oral to transdermal, and drugs to avoid or use with caution in myasthenia gravis. New simple graphic illustrations give instructions for performing the Epley and Semont manoeuvres and the Brandt-Daroff exercises.


Natural Medicines November Includes: Herbal supplement sales climb to over $7 billion ; Breast Cancer Awareness Month ; Should glaucoma patients avoid glucosamine? : Natural medicines for neuropathic pain


Nursing Reference Center Plus - Nov  Includes:Diabetes Mellitus: Type 2; Bariatric Surgery; Menopause and Depression