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DynaMed Plus July

 Includes: Immediate complete lymph node dissection and nodal observation have similar 3-year melanoma-specific survival in patients with localized cutaneous melanoma and sentinel node metastases


MIMS Update June


MIMS Matters Winter


Therapeutic Guidelines (onsite):  The March 2017 release of eTG complete includes a comprehensive revision of the Rheumatology topics. Advice is given on the assessment of patients presenting with musculoskeletal symptoms, including the judicious use of investigations, as well as the management of patients with confirmed diagnoses. The guidelines emphasise collaborative, multidisciplinary care of patients with rheumatological diseases. New topics give practical advice on managing analgesic and anti-inflammatory therapy and immunomodulatory therapy for rheumatological conditions.


BMJ Learning Includes: Blood glucose control in T2DM; Gestational diabetes


Natural Medicines Apr includes: Turmeric Might Interact with Immunosuppressant; CE Program: Asthma; Garcinia Linked to Liver Damage; Which Iron Supplement Should You Recommend?


Nursing Reference Center Plus - Jun Includes: Autism spectrum disorder ; Sexual abuse in childhood: adult survivors ; Diabetes mellitus type 2 prevention