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 DynaMed Plus September

 Includes: Third MMR vaccination may help reduce the risk of mumps during an outbreak in a university setting


Medical Journal of Australia (MJA) September
Includes: Road safety - serious injuries remain a major unsolved problem ; The value of inpatient rehabilitation after uncomplicated knee arthroplasty - a propensity score analysis ; Extreme heat threatens the health of Australians ; Thunderstorm asthma outbreak of November 2016- a natural disaster requiring planning ;  Von Meyenburg complexes in a patient with obstructive jaundice 


MIMS Update September


MIMS Matters Winter


Therapeutic Guidelines (onsite): The July 2017 release of eTG complete is now available and includes updated Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) information. If a drug is available on the PBS, there is an icon beside the dosing information in the blue dose panels. Click on the icon to check for information on PBS restrictions, brand names, pack sizes, number of repeats, and links to product information (PI) and consumer medicines information (CMI).


Natural Medicines September  Includes: Choline - An important but commonly overlooked prenatal vitamin ; Do 'natural' bug repellents really work? ; Natural Medicines in the Clinical Management of Premenstrual Syndrome ; New study - Chondroitin comparable to celecoxib for osteoarthritis


Nursing Reference Center Plus - Aug  Includes: Colorectal cancer - Fruit and vegetables intake : Substance abuse - inhalants : Case management - pregnancy in adolescence - outcomes